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The sooner a child experiences good parenting and a stable environment, the greater their potential, this is why we offer Parent and Child (P&C) placements. The parents we work with in these types of placement may not have been parented well themselves, and so don’t have experience to base their own parenting on.

These placements used to be referred to as Mother and Baby fostering placements and happen when a concern has been identified by the Local Authority in relation to the parenting, or home environment the child is in.

The parent(s) then come to stay with our Foster Carers where the carers can observe, teach, and guide the parent. Foster Carers provide their observations to social services to inform their decision-making process.

It is all about helping to find out what is best for a family, so you could be helping a dad and baby, mum and older child, or even mum, dad and baby!



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Sarah Jane gives us her explanation of P&C fostering placements and what they can do for another family.

Although it is demanding looking after a parent and child, at the same time it is very rewarding to know you have helped the parent to be able to keep their baby and to care for it safely.


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The complex needs of children and young people are well understood by the Foster Carers and agency staff, who plan effectively to significantly reduce the risks.

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The Foster Carer has a crucial role in guiding mum on how best to care for her baby, but not necessarily to do it for them. Occasionally it may just be a nudge in the right direction and, at other times, full training and guidance in learning how to care for a newborn is necessary.

Almost all Foster Carers I’ve spoken to have said they are still in contact with the parent and baby, if they successfully moved on, and their relationship has grown and developed to more of a surrogate parent or grandparent role.

One young lady, in a P&C placement with her baby, said she was worried that moving on from the placement would leave her back on her own. ‘Now’ she says, ‘it’s like having a favourite (experienced) aunty at the end of a telephone that I can call and ask for advice whenever I need it.

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