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They need care just as much as younger children

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Fostering teenagers can be so rewarding. Placements are needed for children and young people of all ages, especially teenagers.

There is a stereotypical image of what teenagers are like, but this is not true of all teenagers, including those in care. Sometimes teenagers in foster care will behave much younger, and sometimes they will engage in behaviour that can put them in danger, so Foster Carers are needed to keep our young people safe.



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Foster Carers Amy tells us about her relationships with her teenage placements.

Emma was a joy to be around and, although she was 16 and had the normal hormones for a young person her age, she felt no inhibitions or shyness. She would walk down the road holding my hand, asking lots of questions, or singing out loud! She shot down my preconceived ideas of what to expect from a teenager. I had similar placements which followed, none of which conformed to what I had expected.


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we’ve been officially rated ofsted outstanding on 3 consecutive occasions!

The complex needs of children and young people are well understood by the Foster Carers and agency staff, who plan effectively to significantly reduce the risks.

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We fostered teenagers and we all know that teenagers who went through trauma, abuse, neglect, or rejection can be challenging, but with the right support and training, we can thrive on that challenge.

The rewards of helping teenagers fulfil their hopes and aspirations are marvellous. We chose to foster teenagers, because we have a teenage son.

This group of children really need people to give them a chance of a better future. Some of them display challenging behaviour because they went through trauma, abuse, neglect, or rejection. However, when we treat them as individuals, look at the causes of their behaviour and address these causes then the teenagers’ behaviour starts changing. The rewards come when the young person starts to turn their life around.

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