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Fostering With Siblings

Fostering a child is a unique experience. With every foster child, their situation is different.

21 July 2022

When siblings enter the fostering system together, it can be a very difficult experience, which is why at Nexus Fostering we try our hardest to find a placement where the siblings can stay together. When in a position of vulnerability, having a close relationship with a sibling can help a foster child stay strong, and feel more at ease wherever they are.

Build Your Family Bond

It’s easy for siblings to feel like they are on their own. In a new family environment, it’s your job to welcome them with open arms and make them feel like part of the family.

If you are raising other children, either your biological children or other foster children, helping them work together, get along and understand each other’s hobbies is a fantastic way to help your foster children feel more comfortable in your home.
If you would like to read more about building a family bond, read our “How to create a happy home environment” blog.

The Difficulties Of Fostering Multiple Children

Taking on multiple children at once is a lot of hard but rewarding work. There may be difficulties involved if the siblings have an age gap, are attending different schools, attending double the amount of appointments and many more challenges.

Another difficulty with fostering siblings is the fact that you will need to have enough rooms in your house for them. All the rules of fostering multiple children apply – taking multiple children in requires a lot of time, care and strength.

As well as the positivity involved with fostering children, sometimes this may feel like too much to handle. Your assigned Nexus Fostering social worker will do everything they can to help you where necessary.

Ending Your Placement

Saying goodbye to your foster siblings can be especially hard to do; it may feel like you’re saying goodbye to a substantial chunk of your family. It’s important to remember that although this may be difficult for you, this will also be very difficult for the children too.

Remember to stay positive about your fostering placement. Remember all the good times you had with your foster children and encourage a positive attitude by being strong and teaching them valuable life lessons

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