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A new look for Nexus Fostering, but the same outstanding service! - Nexus Fostering - Ofsted Outstanding Foster Care Agency

A new look for Nexus Fostering, but the same outstanding service!

28 October 2014

You may have noticed a few changes recently. We felt it was time to freshen up our look, so this summer we hired some professional marketing expertise and the most obvious changes will be those which everyone can see just by visiting our revamped Facebook page, our revitalised Twitter account, and, of course, our new, modern looking logo.

We were founded over 12 years ago, when the Internet was still a baby, hardly anyone had his or her own email accounts, and Facebook didn’t exist (let alone Twitter). How times have changed! What worked so well for us back then was losing its’ effectiveness and that’s why we’ve made these exciting new changes.

We hope you’ll love them too—and we were careful not to completely reinvent ourselves because we are still the same Nexus Fostering, with the same people, the same values, and the same focus on providing an outstanding service to our valued foster carers. We’d love to know how you feel about the changes, so do drop us a line to let us know!

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